#VocalForLocal: Give Your Local Business A Boost With This Smart App

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Be vocal for local! The message from the government is loud and clear – use domestically made products and promote them. And that filters down to not just things that are made in India, but even to where you buy your essentials from, relying on local merchants instead of big corporations.

Vocal for Local

The COVID pandemic has changed how we shop – and in the first phase of the lockdown, when e-commerce deliveries were completely stalled, many urban Indians had to turn to their trusted kirana dukan to fulfil their shopping needs.
With millions of people quarantined and restrictions placed on movement, there has been an increase in buying local.

And that spells good news for local retailers and merchants – this is the time to cash in on the #VocalForLocal sentiment and cater to customers in and around your delivery and fulfilment radius. One way you can give your local business a boost is by going digital and taking your services online. And how can you achieve this? By downloading Paytrac, India’s number one payment tracking and order management app. The app boasts a number of features, from enabling easy tracking of contactless payments to organizing orders. Here’s a rundown of what it can do for you!

Organize And Manage

If you want to get more business, then you need to facilitate easy ordering for your customer by interacting with them online, via messaging platforms like WhatsApp. With Paytrac, you can capture and scan orders and shopping lists that come in from WhatsApp and process/edit them in the “orders” section of the app. Then, all you have to do is generate a manual receipt and send it to the customer, after which you can deliver the order! It’s as simple as that.

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The best way to increase sales is to be in regular contact with your customers so they know that you are available to cater to their needs! Paytrac has a smart broadcast tool that enables you to send group messages to your entire customer base. Compose a message and save it as a template, or choose from an existing templates. Once you have crafted your message, you can disseminate it via WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS or Facebook Messenger. This feature allows you to keep customers up to data about your business hours, stock and availability, deals, discounts and more.

smart broadcast tool

Track Payments

Paytrac’s core feature is the ability to track payments from a number of different sources. Since most customers today would rather do contactless payments than handle cash. With Paytrac, you can offer any number of contactless payments to your customers and track each of them within the app. Paytrac tracks incoming and outgoing payments from UPI, wallet, PoS, bank transfers and more. And for any cash payments, you have the option of manually entering the amount into the app. Select “cash in” or “cash out”, and add the amount along with the name of the person and their number. Then it’s saved to Paytrac!

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You can view daily, weekly and monthly settlements on the dashboard and even get a 28-day overview of your business’ performance. You can also filter payments by source, so that you know which modes are bringing in more payments.

With so many great features, Paytrac is the best business app for small merchants.Download today – it’s absolutely free, safe and secure – and see how you can boost your business!

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