Still Using An Old-School Cash Khata? Here’s Why You Should Digitize!

digitalize payments

One of the most tedious tasks of running a business is keeping your finances in order. Every penny that comes in must be accounted for so that you can understand the bigger picture as well as what drives your business.

Many small local businesses today still use the age-old ledger to note down payments – those that come in from customers and those that are made to suppliers by the shopkeepers. But as your transactions increase, it’s likely that you may miss an entry here or there – and many of these “misses” piled up can make your accounts go awry.

The solution? Digitizing your operations. By capturing credits and debits as they happen, you can rest assured that your books are in order. Here are a few more reasons why you should digitize your payment operations.

Digital Payments are Fast & Convenient

Let’s face it: people just don’t have the patience or wherewithal to carry around large sums of cash anymore. Urban India is embracing digital payments and it’s primarily because it so convenient and fast. Instead of shelling out cash, waiting for the cashier to give you your balance and then counting to make sure it’s all correct, with digital payments, it’s just a question of swiping a card, scanning a QR code or using your UPI or wallet.

QR payment tracker app
Using Smartphone QR Code Scanning for bill digital wallet or credit card payment option

Digitalization offers multiple payment modes

Customers today don’t just stick to cash payments: they are increasingly using their smartphones and plastic to complete payments and make their shopping experience seamless. Accepting payments across multiple modes like UPI, wallet, QR, PoS and bank transactions has become a must in today’s digital world. It doesn’t just help you retain more customers: it also makes it much easier to track and settle payments without manually entering it in a paper ledger as a cash-in or cash-out transaction. Digital transactions are also safer and more secure than handling cash. There are several UPI vendors offering merchant payment solutions to choose from, like PhonePe, Paytm, Google Pay etc, so there’s no reason to not offer that option to your customers.

Stay Safe From Robbery And Theft

Digital payments go to your digital wallet or bank account – there’s not cash handling involved. Having a lot of cash stored in your shop comes with its own share of problems. Apart from accounting for each and every penny and where it has come from, you are also vulnerable to theft and robbery. By going digital, there’s less chance of cash robbery and theft at your establishment. Digital payments are safe, secure and hassle-free!

Digital payments

Digitize Your Payments With Paytrac: India’s Number One Merchant Digital Ledger App

Paytrac is an all-in-one payment tracking and order management app that will put you on the path to becoming a tech-savvy digital dukandar. Download the app and let it do the work of manual data entry for you!

Paytrac tracks payments coming in from all modes: UPI, wallet, PoS, QR code and bank transactions. For cash payments, you can manually log “cash-in” and “cash-out” payments and save it to the app.

View your daily, weekly and monthly settlements at one go, and even view how your business has fared over a 28-day period. You can track the performance of your business quickly and easily with all data visible on the easy to read dashboard.

Paytrac also has an audio notifications feature – switch it on in the language of your choice, and receive audio alerts each time an amount is credited to your account, ensuring that you don’t miss out on a single payment in the middle of your busy day.

merchant digital ledger app

The app also doubles up as an order management tool – you can capture orders from WhatsApp, edit and process them in the orders section, and then generate a manual receipt for your customer. And to ensure you stay connected to your customers with ease, Paytrac also has message broadcast capabilities. Create your own message template or choose from existing templates. Then, send the message to your customer base via WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS or Facebook Messenger.

From payment tracking to messaging, Paytrac does it all – so why not download it today and see how you can benefit from it?

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