Stay On Top Of All Your Digital Payments With Paytrac’s Free Payment Tracking App

If you are a small business owner, then you know how the purchasing landscape has changed over the few years as more and more people switch to cashless transactions. Smartphones have become lifelines for consumers, for everything from researching products and services to purchasing and payments. Customers want their transactions to be seamless and simple – not complicated and convoluted.

As a retailer and small business owner, you too, have to be open to multiple modes of payment and think beyond cash transactions. Most small businesses today (kiranas, grocery stores, fruit stalls, medical shops and other small retailers) offer a range of digital payment options to their customers – it’s convenient, fast and easy for the consumer. 

Multiple Payment Modes = Multiple Woes?

Payments are coming in from a number of modes: PoS, wallets, UPI, bank transfers and QR codes. Tallying all those numbers from different sources can be a source of stress and headache for many a merchant.

Multiple payment modes

Writing everything down in an old-school cash ledger and seeing which modes of payment are more popular than the other is time-consuming and tedious. What you need is a solution that keeps you in the loop about all incoming payments, cashflows, credits and debits, without the confusion of multiple modes and multiple ledgers.

Try Paytrac
Track all Digital Payments Tracking in One Place

Paytrac is a free payment tracking app that is safe and secure to use – just what your small business needs.

Paytrac maintains a record of all incoming and outgoing payments and never misses a single credit or debit. For cash transactions, you can manually add your “cash-in” and “cash-out” amount in the app and it gets added to the daily ledger. It captures data in real-time, so all you have to do is check your statement at the end of the day to know how much has come in and gone out. 

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Plus, to ensure that you don’t miss a payment even during the middle of a busy day, Paytrac has an audio notifications feature, which alerts you every time an amount is credited to your account.

The app also gives you data about your daily, weekly and monthly payments, all of which is compiled in an easy-to-access and easy-to-read format on the dashboard. You also have the option to view how your business has done over a 28-day period. 

It also comes with broadcast and messaging tools to keep you connected to your customers. You can craft messages related to your shop timings, deals and discounts and send it en masse to your customers via WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS and Facebook messenger. You can save the message as a template or choose from existing templates within the app!

Paytrac also has an order management feature, through which you can capture shopping lists and orders from WhatsApp, process and edit them in the “orders” section and generate a manual receipt.

Paytrac is your tool to become a digital dukandar – track your payments, organize your orders and connect with customers easily. With Paytrac taking care of your once-tedious tasks, you have more time to focus on growing your business. Install Paytrac today – it’s free, safe and easy to use!

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