Manage Orders Online With Paytrac: It’s Fast, Safe And Secure

Manage Online order

Are you a small merchant trying to grow your business? Are you struggling to get more orders because of the current market situation and lockdown? If you answered yes to both these questions, perhaps it’s time for you to try Paytrac, India’s number one payment tracking and order management app.

Business Is Shifting Online
Look around – consumers are spending more and more time on their smartphones for a variety of reasons, and thing they are doing more of is shopping and researching goods and services online.

They want to be able to find products and purchase them seamlessly without leaving their screens, and this is more so now, as much of the world is in quarantine.

Online Shopping

As a small merchant, you may not have the capacity to launch a proper e-commerce store, but that should not stop you from taking your business online. There are several other ways and tools to create a presence online without a webstore – and it lies in your phone!

By leveraging messaging apps and communicating in a timely manner, you can make your store – whether a grocery, medical, food stall or boutique – available to your customers online.

Why Paytrac

Paytrac is a simple order management app that helps you capture and organize orders that come in from your customers.

Paytrac scans and captures orders and shopping lists that come in from WhatsApp. Once that is over and done with, you can edit and process the order in the “orders” section of the app. After that, all that’s left is for you to generate a manual receipt and send it to the customer! It’s a simple process that takes place within the app.

free payment tracking app

And that’s not all – Paytrac also functions as an effective messaging and communication tool to keep in touch with your customers. The app comes equipped with a message broadcast feature where you can send messages en masse to customers. Create a new message or choose from an existing message template. Once your message is ready, send it to your customers via WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram or Facebook Messenger! It’s a handy tool that costs nothing.

With message broadcast, you can update your customers about store timings, stock availability, deals, discounts, delivery schedules and more.

Effectively Track Payments

Apart from being a simple order management app, Paytrac’s primary function is to track payments that come in from a variety of sources: UPI, wallet, PoS, QR code, bank transfer and more. All you have to do is install the app and create a profile. Then, Paytrac automatically tracks payments that come in from each mode. For bank transactions, it reads incoming SMS and makes a note of each credit and debit. You have the option to remove any transaction that is not related to your business. And for cash, you can easily enter the amount manually. Choose cash in or cash out, and add the amount, name of the person and their phone number and save the transaction.

simple order management app

Paytrac also has an audio notification feature to ensure that you don’t miss out on a single payment during a busy day. Simply switch on notifications in the language of your choice and receive an alert each time an amount is credited to the app. It’s that easy!

The app is available in English, Hindi and 7 local languages, including:

  • Marathi
  • Gujarati
  • Punjabi
  • Bengali
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Kannada

So whichever part of the country you are in, you can access the app in a language that is most comfortable for you!

Paytrac also gives you detailed data and reports. Filter payments according to mode and get an idea of how much money is coming in via each source, and understand which payment modes are more popular amongst your customers. You can also view daily, weeky and monthly settlements as well as a 28-day overview of your business performance. All this comes in an easy to access and easy to read dashboard.

And the best part? Paytrac is free for life, safe and secure – the app never asks for your personal information. Download Paytrac today to see how it can make your business operations run smoother!

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