Easily Manage Customer Orders Online For Your Business During COVID

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The lockdown has resulted in millions of citizens being confined to their homes and the ceasing of economic activity as we know it. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global economy is expected to shrink by more than 3% in 2020, marking the steepest slowdown since the Great Depression in the 1930s. COVID-19 has, therefore, put both retailers and consumers in a tricky position: it’s not exactly business as usual, but merchants still need to find a way to cater to the existing demand for goods and services (especially essential goods).

With regular hours getting impacted, brick and mortar businesses are some of the hardest hit. And if you run an offline establishment, you need to find a way to take your business online, so your revenue doesn’t get impacted. The best way to adapt is to manage your orders online by offering your goods and service through digital channels. Here are a few tips for online order management.

Choose The Right Tools

Taking your business online is easier now than ever before, thanks to a plethora of software, apps and services. If you are looking to take your business online, there are well-known services that enable you to create a web store and set up products and checkout in a couple of clicks. For smaller players and home businesses, something as simple as a Google form works well – just list your products and prices, send out the link, and your customers will write back with their requirements. Assess your needs (based on the products and services you offer, logistics, and the size and scale of your business) and choose the right order management tool.

Communicate Regularly

You need your customers – and they need you. The key is to make them know that you’re there for them by keeping them up to date about your business. Since the lockdown has affected shop timings and supplies, update your shop timings (along with stock availability, deals and other offers, if any) and let your customers know. It doesn’t have to be a complicated affair: post on your social media handles, send direct messages to your customers, list it on Google or on your website. Just be sure to get it out there, because lockdown doesn’t have to lead to a complete shutdown in your services.

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If you are a service-based business, be sure to update your business hours and booking availability and let people know. If you have bookings in your calendar that you can’t attend to because of the situation, let those customers know. Similarly, if you plan to take post-lockdown advance bookings, send a message out. It would help if you did everything you can to make it easy for the customer to do business with you.

Use Messaging Apps

Don’t shy away from messaging apps or deem them “unprofessional” or “too personal.” One-on-one messaging applications like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook messenger are some of the most-used, and it’s an easy way to send and receive orders and take queries. With so much uncertainty, many customers feel better communicating directly via text. Plus, we now have to live with the realities of social distancing, meaning that contactless orders and deliveries will be the norm for a long time to come.

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Get Paytrac – The Best Payment Tracking App

If you are looking to make more online sales, then you should give Paytrac a shot. Paytrac is a payment tracking and order management app that keeps tabs on all your incoming and outgoing payments and helps you connect with customers through online messaging platforms.

The app tracks payments from multiple modes (QR, UPI, wallet, PoS, cash and bank transfers) and gives you a snapshot of your daily, weekly and monthly numbers in an easy to read dashboard. This makes it easier for you to offer your customers multiple payment modes, without the hassle of calculating each mode separately.

But here is where it can help during the COVID pandemic – Paytrac can organize online orders for you. It automatically captures lists and orders from messaging apps like WhatsApp. Then all you have to do is upload this into the orders section, edit and process the order and send your customer a manual receipt.

And that’s not all: Paytrac has a broadcast tool, where you can send mass messages related to shop timings, sales, discounts, deals and more, directly to customers. Choose from an existing template or create your own and save it for later. Once your message is ready, you can send out the information on multiple channels, including WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram and Facebook.

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To put it simply, Paytrac is the ideal tool to keep track of your payments, stay connected to your customers and manage your orders! It’s an all-in-one app. If you are looking to manage online orders and payments and simplify sales, download Paytrac today. It’s safe, secure (merchant information is never shared outside) and free to use for life.

Market trends may be difficult to predict going forward, but it’s up to you as a small business owner, you need to rethink, adapt and re-optimize – you can provide products and services more remotely than you thought! So why not download Paytrac now and see how it can help you grow your business?

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