Helping Small Businesses Go Digital And Contactless During COVID In 2020

Are you a small business owner?

Have your sales been impacted due to the global lockdown? Since circumstances have made it difficult for your customers to come to you physically, it’s up to you to connect with your customers and take your business to them. Small business needs a digital transformation now more than ever because of the current economic crisis where regular transactions have taken a hit because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Going Digital During The Lockdown

Even before the lockdown, consumers were indulging in digital buying patterns and behaviours. And now, as part of precautions against the COVID-19 outbreak, several central banks across the world have resorted to quarantining physical bills and even burning banknotes. The WHO, in fact, is encouraging businesses and consumers to opt for contactless payments.

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For small businesses that are looking to reinvent themselves, going digital or scaling up your existing digital presence is a great way to stay afloat during these uncertain times. And there are plenty of tools out there to help you become a digital dukandar. From direct messaging apps to Shopify, there are enough apps and software that can help take your business online, or ramp it up online.

As brick and mortar stores have had to shut down temporarily, the need to adapt is greater than ever – small business digital transformation is necessary. While the economy and public life are opening up in phases and things limp back to normalcy, there is still going to be a section of your customer base that isn’t ready to do business the traditional way just yet. They may be wary of stepping out or don’t have the resources to do so. To cater to their needs, you will need to maintain a digital presence and an option for contactless digital payments.

Creating A Contactless Business Model

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to follow social distancing norms. That means maintaining a literal distance of 6 feet or more, wearing masks and allowing only a few customers into your store at a given time. You can go a step further by offering customers a contactless buying and payment experience. Take orders online either through a web store (e-commerce) or with a Google form that lists your products. You can also use messaging apps like WhatsApp to send out lists of your products and have customers send in their shopping lists.

For contactless payments, you can offer customers a variety of different digital payment types, like QR, UPI, wallets and bank transfers. This makes payment collection easy and safe for both parties.

Offering digital payments also puts you right where your customers are: their smartphones and devices. Consumers today do most of their research online before making a purchase and prefer completing the task without having to make a trek to the shop. By making it convenient to pay from their devices, small business owners can gain more customers.

Download Paytrac Today

To simplify your business and amplify your online presence, choose Paytrac. Paytrac is an online payment tracking and order management app that helps you boost your business and maintain contactless payments.

Paytrac tracks payments from a number of modes, including QR, UPI, wallets, bank transfers, cash and PoS, giving you the details of all incoming and outgoing collections. This makes it easier for you to offer multiple modes of contactless payments to your customers. The data is then compiled and given to you in an easy to read format on the dashboard, so you get an idea of which modes of payment are getting the most traffic. There are also daily, weekly and monthly reports for your reference. Plus, you can switch on audio notifications so that you get alerted each time there is a credit to your account, ensuring you stay on top of all payments even in the middle of a busy day when you are not on your phone.

Helping small businesses to get more customers is another feature of Paytrac, thanks to its order capture and broadcast tools. The order management feature captures and scans messages and lists from WhatsApp. These messages can be uploaded in the order section and edited and processed. Then, merchants can send customers a manual receipt!

Paytrac UPI

The broadcast feature makes it easy for small business owners to stay connected to their customers. Send mass messages to your customer base via WhasApp, Telegram, Facebook or SMS. You can use existing templates or create new ones and save them for later use.

Paytrac’s features are aimed at helping small businesses to grow – so why not download it today and try it out for yourself? The app is safe and secure and never asks for or divulges your personal information. It is also free to use for life and can be uninstalled at any time – no questions asked. Download Paytrac today and see how you can go digital and contactless during COVID-19.

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