1. What is the Paytrac app about?

Paytrac is the free payment tracker app for business that automatically tracks Cash, UPI, PoS, Wallet, Online & Bank payments across all modes.

  • Track all daily payments- expenses & income in real-time in a single dashboard
  • Track daily settlement from different payment gateways
  • Add cash transactions – incoming and outgoing
  • Receive notifications for collections across payment modes as they are reported.

2. Can I use the Paytrac app for free?

Yes, Paytrac app is absolutely FREE for all android mobile users and can be easily downloaded from the Google Playstore – https://bit.ly/3dtB7HQ

3. Is it Safe and Secure to use Paytrac App?

Yes, Paytrac is totally safe and secure for everyone. We keep all your financial transactions under your personal login on your mobile itself.

4. Can I pay/receive money through the Paytrac app?

Right now, we don’t support payments on the Paytrac app.

5. Do you upload SMSes or transaction data?

Paytrac securely transmits and saves your messages from businesses on our secure servers, only if you have opted for backup enabled.

6. Does the Paytrac app read my personal messages and OTPs?

Paytrac only looks at messages from businesses like Banks, Merchants, etc. It ignores OTPs and does not read your personal messages, i.e. anything coming from a 10-digit mobile number.

7. How do I manage my business cash transactions on the Paytrac app?

You can manage all your cash entries in the Paytrac app. Please click here to watch how to manage cash transactions on Paytrac.

8. How to check my bank transactions on the Paytrac app?

You can keep track of all your bank transactions in the Paytrac app. Please click here to watch how to manage bank transactions on Paytrac.

9. How do I enable Audio Notifications on the Paytrac app?

To enable audio notifications on Paytrac. Click on profile icon and enable audio cue. Now you can successfully enable audio notification on Paytrac.

10. How to change my preferred language on the Paytrac app?

To change your preferred language on Paytrac –  Click on profile icon, then click on change language, now you can choose your preferred language. You can also select your preferred audio notification language here.

11. How to view and analyse reports on the Paytrac app?

To check your daily reports, please click on report icon present on bottom right on the dashboard screen, where you see

      1. Total collection report
      2. Weekly comparison report
      3. Payment gateway report
      4. Bank transactions report 
      5. Last 28 days performance report

12. How do I deactivate my account from the Paytrac app?

To deactivate Paytrac account please write an email to support@deazzle.in

13. What mobile operating system does the Paytrac app supports?

Paytrac app supports all OS versions above android 5.0 Lollipop.

14. How do I create my profile on the Paytrac app?

Please click on the profile icon and select my profile and fill your details like: Name, Business Name, Mobile Number etc.

15. How to change my registered phone number?

One mobile number is associated with one paytrac account. To change your Paytrac registered phone number please write an email to support@deazzle.in

16. How to refer and earn?

There is a very easy way to Please click here to find out how you can earn on every referral.

17. How to install the Paytrac app?

Click here to download the Paytrac app from Google Playstore.

18. How do I update the Paytrac app?

You can update the Paytrac app from Google Playstore. We recommend you to always use the updated version. The latest versions contain the newest features and bug fixes.

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