Daily Payment Tracking Killing You? Try Paytrac For Daily Payment Tracking Of Your Business Transactions.

Are you struggling to keep track of all your digital and daily cash payments of your business? 

Any business, regardless of its size and type, needs capital to run. This money isn’t just needed for long-term operations, but also for the business’ day-to-day needs. For instance, a small food stall may need a certain amount of cash daily to pay for ingredients. The customers will pay them in the mode of cash or scan the QR code. With money being essential for the working of any business, it’s imperative to keep track of the inflow and outflow of cash.

One of the best solutions for making your income and expense tracking easy and reliable is by using the app – Paytrac (UPI, QR, PoS Payment tracker for Business) powered by deAzzle.

Here are a few issues related to tracking incoming and outgoing payment expenses faced by small business owners, and how Paytrac can help.

1. Collecting And Maintaining Digital Payments Is A Task!

Small business owners have several transactions happening during the day –  be it QR, PoS, ash, digital wallet, UPI, online payments, etc. These payments are received from vendors as well as the customers. It becomes a task to maintain these records on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. And without maintaining these records, it is impossible to analyze and report your business revenue growth.

Paytrac will automatically track UPI, PoS, wallet, online payments across all modes for your business and generate daily, weekly, and monthly collection reports. You can view your income, account balances and monthly expenses together so that you can track your daily business faster and better. Know which payment gateway is performing better, how you are growing on a weekly basis and a 28-day business report.

2. Tracking And Accounting For Cash Payments Is A Mess.

No matter how much technology has advanced, there are small business owners who have to deal with cash payments at times. Recording cash expenses at the end of a long day is tedious and hectic. Also, cash payments do not have any digital proof for confirmation.

With Paytrac, merchants can easily add cash transactions manually! Log in a cash transaction at the time of paying and maintain the record of payment expense in front of the customer. It allows you to be transparent in your business deals and avoids any confusion with regards to credit and debit with customers and vendors.

3. As A Local Small Business Owner, I Prefer The Vernacular Language Interface

Most local business owners are well-versed only in their local language. They are not that comfortable with an interface that gives them only English as an option. It becomes difficult for them to use the app and understand the terminologies. This may also leave them feeling a little under confident in front of their customers.

Paytrac is a multi-lingual support app. It provides small merchants with a platform that is easy to use and intuitive. The aim is to automate and create an eco-system that will enable and empower SMB’s across India.

4. It’s Hard To Track Each And Every Payment As It Comes In

These days most of your daily transactions happen through cell phones. With several transactions happening throughout the day, managing customers, goods at the shop and verifying incoming payments can lead to chaos.

Paytrac has a smart audio cue function (in the user’s preferred language,) that informs the merchant every time a transaction occurs. Once the app is downloaded, users have the option to activate audio notifications that auto-read all incoming transactions. Paytrac tracks all your transactions in real-time – you can edit or delete any payment records if necessary.

To put it briefly, Paytrac is an ideal solution for your business if:

  • Tracking your daily incoming payment a hassle for you
  • Tracking payment settlements at the end of the day is a task for you.
  • You use multiple QR codes to accept UPI payments
  • You using a paper ledger to track digital Payments
  • You do not have a one-stop solution to track all your business income & expenses
  • You want to know how much income you have on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • You are too busy to track payments as they come in and prefer receiving audio notifications

Paytrac is the free payment tracker app for businesses that automatically tracks cash, UPI, PoS, wallet, online & bank payments across all modes. See your income, account balances and monthly expenses together so that you can track your daily income faster.

Paytrac is a free, safe and secure for all types of businesses to track and maintain their daily income from all payment sources.

Start using this app today for your business, download now!

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